Matcha Chasen artisans, the guardians of tradition, shaping dreams with their skilled hands.

Bamboo Chasen Master Craftsmen

How is the bamboo made?

Cutting & drying of  Raw bamboo

Cutting & Drying Of  Raw Bamboo

The cutting and drying of bamboo are meticulously conducted in adherence to Japanese standards, ensuring the highest quality of materials for the production process.

Storage Of Raw Bamboo 

Storage Of Raw Bamboo

After drying, the bamboo cannot be used directly; it requires soaking and subsequent air drying to prevent cracking during storage.

Bamboo Chasen processing

Bamboo Chasen Processing

Cutting bamboo into required length(depends on which size of whisk to produce).

Bamboo Whisk making

Bamboo Whisk Making

100% handmade & Crafted with meticulous adherence to traditional Japanese artisanal techniques.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Inspecting carefully and strictly before packing & exporting.

Formal Commodity Inspection And Export

Formal Commodity Inspection And Export

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