We export more than 1 million Matcha whisks every year, tea bowls and tea spoon accessories are exported to all over the world, welcome your consultation

10 years
of experience

Why choose uS?

We are a fully-integrated production enterprise, involved in every aspect from sourcing bamboo at its origin, to logging, processing & exporting.

1.As the pioneering domestic enterprise in tea whisk manufacturing, we have sought the guidance of a renowned Japanese tea whisk master to enhance our craftsmanship.

Now our meticulous handmade craftsmanship has reached the pinnacle of excellence, matching the unparalleled quality of Japanese craftsmanship.

2.As the leading producer of bamboo at its origin, we have been providing raw bamboo to various partner factories for many years. However, in light of recent restrictions on bamboo logging and our commitment to stringent quality control, we have made the strategic decision to gradually reduce the supply of raw bamboo. Moving forward, we will assume full control of the production process, ensuring the highest standards are met. Consequently, by choosing us for your future orders, you can expect a consistent and reliable supply.

3.We provide an extensive selection of matcha whisk & a wide range of matcha kit accessories, offering a seamless and comprehensive solution to fulfill all our customers' order needs.

Cutting and drying of Raw bamboo

Storage Of Raw Bamboo

Chasen processing

100% Hand-making

Quality Inspection &Control

Formal commodity inspection and export

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